"If a miracle hasn't happened, something has gone wrong".

– Helen Schucman

A Course in Miracles

Pathways to Infinity is an accumulated lifetime of study, experience and
living in the flow from our founder Zed Matthews.

Zed has been studying metaphysical living and conscious creation for more than 30 years and lives a life of synchronicities, abundance and freedom.

We are dedicated to help you attune your intuition, access your inner power and transform your reality into the life you deserve.

Manifestation and conscious creation is a lot more than some positive thinking and living in hope.

It is an art, which when mastered, can transform your life in unimaginable ways.

Physical Reality Is Much More Than What Our Five Senses Tell Us

Pathways to Infinity was born as a way of explaining how reality responds to our consciousness.

It is our mission to cut through the myriad of conflicting resources and information around conscious creation in all of its facets.

But we don’t just give instruction – do Y and get X result – we teach the fundamentals, the whys, the mechanics of what is happening behind the scenes.

We believe that if you know why something is happening, you are then empowered to understand what may be going wrong if you don’t get the results you are looking for.

You won’t find any quick fixes or ‘hacks’ here. This is a serious study resource for those who are serious about changing their inner realities and outer circumstances.

"If we know that reality responds to our consciousness, then, by default, this can be directed. If we don't see the results we desire, we can then work out where we may be going wrong".

- Zed Matthews

Hi I'm Zed

As far as I can remember, I have always seen life differently from my peers and family members. From a very young age, I have always sensed, with a deep inner-knowing that there is more to life that we experience in our normal day-to-day realities.

Seeing the bigger-picture, full acceptance of anything other than self and being able to see though bullshit are traits that I have been blessed with

At age 15, my fascination really took hold. Being super-inquisitive and always wanting to know the whys; the nature of reality and how we interact with it was the start of a lifetime of study.

As time passed, my interest took me into spirituality, meditation, philosophy, psychology and science.

After some years I enrolled on a B.A of Metaphysics, which evolved into an M.Sc and eventually a Ph.D. with the University of Sedona after writing a dissection on the relationship of the Three Minds – the Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious.

It was at this stage that my focus shifted to the mechanics of reality and why it responds to consciousness.

This led me onto the speaking circuit in the UK, the US and Australia, giving seminars and facilitating workshops on personal empowerment, the mechanics of reality and living in the flow. Something that I successfully did for 10 years.

I also worked with coaching clients on a one-on-one basis and is a published writer.

Conscious creation is a philosophy that can be put into practice in a practical sense and one that has been a lifestyle for me for the past 20 years.

I first started to become fascinated with how reality responds to consciousness after understanding the relationship between ourselves and the reality around us.

My observant nature soon noticed small coincidences were occurring around me and the more I noticed these, the stronger they became.

Serendipities became commonplace and I often found myself in the right place, at the right time and speaking to the right people. Life started to flow.

And life really opened up. The old religious saying that “God moves in mysterious ways” started to take on a tangible meaning. People, contacts, material items, situations and events were occurring around me in ways unimaginable, in ways that you literally couldn’t make up – or would be deemed as far-fetched if it were to be in a movie script or book.
But this is how life is supposed to be.

The topic of conscious creation for me is kind of the opposite to a lot of people. Whereas some choose to study it direct, I stumbled upon it by accident, as a by-product of what I was already studying. Years of figuring out the metaphysical intricacies of the universe laid a foundation where conscious creation happened naturally. I guess I got the ingredients of the fundamentals right.

I have always noticed that those who were writing on the subject of manifestation, conscious creation or the pop-culture ‘Law of Attraction’ were often describing only the tip of the iceberg in their instructions. I found that there is so much more to gaining tangible results than simply positive thinking, trying to believe something, affirmations or visualisations and such like.

I decided to create this platform to teach what has worked so well for myself over the years, and is still continuing to do so. – to address conscious creation from the ground up by delivering content which is easy to understand, and more importantly, within its proper context.

I don’t need to glamourise things and I keep everything relative to a normal existence – there are no over-the-top abundance signalling here and won’t find any images of mansions, jets or supercars (which has been rented for a days photoshoot!).

My path led me to being invited to migrate from my native England to live and work in Australia, where I first settled in Melbourne.

This led me to travel around Australia and New Zealand for a few years and I have now settled on a 20 acre property in the Byron Bay hinterland in Northern New South Wales. A place where I have been for the past two years and living completely rent and bill free.
– thank you Universe : )

You can read my story of how I effortlessly moved from the UK to Australia, here.